Real World customer documents his successful season…

Before we let you read Richard’s story, we will tell you that on September 14, 2017 a very excited Richard Knippenberg contacted us with this picture and message: Don I’ve written to you a couple of times about how your Buck Bedding in a Bag has changed my farm and how happy I am – […]

Video Story of “SMOKEY THE BUCK” by Don Higgins

Welcome to Real World Wildlife Products!    We started this company 10 years ago on the foundation of “Dare to Compare.”  This means , we do not sell our products through gimmicks or misleading advertisements.  We try to educate the customer to make the best choice for themselves, their hunting goals, and their property.   This […]

Is this Real? by: Don Higgins

It is slowly starting to sink in now.  After tagging my two target bucks on back-to-back hunts in mid-October the rarity of the accomplishment is slowly starting to hit home. For any bowhunter to kill two bucks of this caliber in the same hunting season would be a tremendous feat. To do it on back-to-back […]

The Drought is Over! Blog Entry by Don Higgins

Most people in the Midwest will never forget the drought of 2012. It was bad … REAL BAD! Many farmers in the corn-belt just mowed down their corn because it produced almost no grain. As bad as the 2012 drought was, for me personally the drought of 2017 was worse. This year I had the […]

Deadly Dozen proves to be……. DEADLY!

A couple weeks ago, we shared a piece about having patience for a food plotters.   The same food plot featured in that story proved to be the game changer for Real World’s Terry Peer opening day in Indiana.   With September rains and heavy dew, the Real World Wildlife Products DEADLY DOZEN blend was coming on […]

Real World Lessons… Patience….

Real World Patience – Many of us are focused on quick results.    We have become familiar with instant answers thanks to access to information or services on social media and the internet.   One of the most difficult things I struggle with as a hunter and land manager is patience.   When I want something, it is […]

September Specials!

As you likely know, Real World Wildlife Products is doing a large scale testing of our Expect Healthy Deer Technology products this year, primarily on captive deer herds but also on some larger free-range properties. Due to the extremely favorable feedback we are getting from this test and the fact that we are now in the midst of […]

Deadly Dozen Secrets To Save Money!

Real World Wildlife Products has always believed in promoting the “complete system” for both food plots and overall land management. For example, a complete deer property contains both food and cover.  Every seed company sells a line of food plot seed but how many also provide their customers with seed for bedding cover? Real World […]

Understanding Expect Healthy Deer Technology® and the EHD Virus:

Recent Quote from Don Higgins Facebook Live Q&A: “Real World Wildlife Products commissioned a study at the University of Minnesota with one of the leading virologists in the country.  That virologist proved in his trial that two of the ingredients in “Expect Healthy Deer Technology® absolutely killed the live EHD virus within two hours of […]

Ever asked a deer what they like?

Test #1 Two customers submitted feedback of their side by side testing between Real World’s Soy Magnet and a competitors product. We wanted to share the results…. This test was a side by side with a competitor product mixed with corn. The land owner gave us his SD card and we made a short video. […]