Deadly Dozen Secrets To Save Money!

Real World Wildlife Products has always believed in promoting the “complete system” for both food plots and overall land management. For example, a complete deer property contains both food and cover.  Every seed company sells a line of food plot seed but how many also provide their customers with seed for bedding cover? Real World […]

Understanding Expect Healthy Deer Technology® and the EHD Virus:

Recent Quote from Don Higgins Facebook Live Q&A: “Real World Wildlife Products commissioned a study at the University of Minnesota with one of the leading virologists in the country.  That virologist proved in his trial that two of the ingredients in “Expect Healthy Deer Technology® absolutely killed the live EHD virus within two hours of […]

Ever asked a deer what they like?

Test #1 Two customers submitted feedback of their side by side testing between Real World’s Soy Magnet and a competitors product. We wanted to share the results…. This test was a side by side with a competitor product mixed with corn. The land owner gave us his SD card and we made a short video. […]