July Blog – What Really Matters with Wes Delks

  “When you’re in a tree stand and a coyote goes by it instantly becomes a predator hunt. We try to immediately eradicate the problem! In this week’s blog we discuss how our thoughts can be toxic to our minds and when thoughts arise that aren’t based on the truth we need to immediately eradicate […]

June Blog – What Really Matters with Wes Delks

Be Still Are you feeling like there’s more to life? Feeling like you have to constantly be worried about something? Do you feel stressed or that life is out of your control? Psalms 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God”. The word “still” in the original language actually translates “to let go”. […]

June – The Calm Before the Storm (By: Don Higgins)

June is probably the month that I do the least in regards to things related to deer hunting. That doesn’t mean I do nothing however. My mind is always thinking about how I am going to tag the next big buck and it seems that I always find more to do that might help take […]

What Really Matters – With Wes Delks

The Mark of a Mature Christian May 2019 It was a frigid, snowy evening in early January. Season was winding down. The temperatures had been in the single digits for multiple days and the barometric pressure was on the rise. I knew my Real World soybeans would be chalked full of deer tonight. It was […]

Don’s Difference Makers – May Edition

Champions are Made During the Off-Season On May 7th I finished hanging my final stand for the spring. Yesterday I sprayed some old native grass test plots that will soon be planted in Real World switchgrass to improve the bedding cover on my farm. Last week I spent three days with a chainsaw in hand […]

April Blog: Shipley’s Science

Doc Shipley writes:         Finally a few nice days with sunshine and no rain! It has been an incredibly hard winter throughout most of the Midwest.  Snow, rain, wind, sleet, more of same and repeat from November to mid May.  It’s the perfect case for supplemental feeding if your state will allow. […]

Are You Planting the BEST Whitetail Soybean?

Across the Midwest it is almost time for food plotters to get those spring-planted plots planted. Many of us have recognized the numerous benefits of including soybeans in our food plot programs. The greatest of those benefits is that soybeans provide a nutrient-rich food-source from the time they germinate until the very last grain is […]


Soybeans can be one of the best options for Food Plotters.   The right soybean blend can offer early season green and late season grain to keep the deer on your property year round. Weed Control has been an issue in some parts of the country.   As Glyphosate is becoming less effective, Josh’s April Blog dives […]

Passionately Driven yet Simply Content

Do you find yourself always comparing your hunting situation to others? If you could just have their property, their sheds, their food plots, their big deer, you would be happy. Wanting to improve your situation is a good thing. As a matter of fact, it’s what drives us to put in the work to improve […]

Shipley’s Science…. March 2019 Blog

I just returned from Tulsa, Oklahoma where I attended the North American Deer Farmers annual convention.  There were several nice presentations about CWD and EHD/BT from scientists and government agencies.  A couple of other speakers couldn’t make it due to the horrible weather in the high plains.  I feel sorry for the people, livestock and […]

Shipely’s Science – Blog #2 – “Zombie Deer”

The last few weeks I have been bombarded by questions about “Zombie” deer.  Print, TV and radio seemed to pick this up as something new and disturbing.  The local TV station picked their feed up from somewhere and it was so inaccurate that I almost flew out of my chair screaming to my wife!  Here […]

What Really Matters with Wes Delks – February 2019

Meet Your Potential Written By: Wes Delks, General Manager – Real World Wildlife Products This past summer, on my first card pull, I checked a camera along a bean field where I knew a bachelor group was likely to be. Amidst the group was a nice buck that I did not recognize. He had fourteen, […]

Don’s Difference Makers – February 2019

“DON’S DIFFERENCE MAKERS”    February 2019 The month of February is generally a very busy one for me as I am traveling all over the Midwest doing consulting visits with landowners while also working in trade shows and speaking engagements. Being gone from home so much drives me a little crazy as I always have a […]

Shipley’s Science – Blog #1- “Winter Time Blues”

Do you really understand the toll the rut and winter take on deer? We want to start this blog referencing a great article on QDMA site. Click Here for full article.   Here is some interesting facts: “Bucks can easily lose 20 to 25 percent of their body weight during the rut”  “How tough is the […]

Episode #1 – Land Management… A Farmer’s Perspective

Join us with this new Video Blog Series from Josh Pretzer (4th Generation Farmer) from Kansas as he talks about his land management efforts.  Recorded and produced by Aaron Morgan of Invested Outdoors, this series will be informative and entertaining throughout the year. When Josh has every resource (equipment, seed, and nutritional product) at his […]

What Really Matters with Wes Delks – January 2019

God Given Opportunities It’s another cold, snowy day. The end of deer season is just a few days away and the bite of the north wind on my face is almost as strong as the bite of an unfilled buck tag in my pocket. I mentally start making a list of the reasons I wasn’t […]

Don’s Difference Makers – January 2019

WELCOME TO A NEW BLOG CALLED “DON’S DIFFERENCE MAKERS”    THIS MONTHLY BLOG WILL PROVIDE A WINDOW INTO STRATEGIES DON HIGGINS USES WHILE CHASING MATURE WHITETAILS.   HOPE YOU ENJOY! Switchgrass and Bedding-in-a-Bag Tips for Success It seems that lately I have been asked on an almost daily basis what new products Real World will be introducing […]

Are Your Plots Flooded Out?

We have heard a lot of reports in recent days of customers whose food plots have been flooded due to the heavy rains in various parts of the country. While this is certainly not good news, all hope is not lost for this season. The key is going to be in how and how fast […]

Brassicas – Love Them or Hate Them? By Kevin Boyer

At Real World Wildlife Products, we have been testing different seed species and seed blends for decades. This testing is primarily done in side-by-side test plots where we allow the deer to show us which varieties of plants they prefer. When it comes to plants in the brassica family we have seen a wide variety […]

Real World Soybeans – Just Another Ag Bean?

One of the most frequent comments spewed by those who want to bash Real World soybeans is that they are “just another ag bean”. In fact this comment has been perpetuated by competitors as a way to slow the tremendous growth, popularity and market share that Real World soybeans have experienced. Ironically the loudest critics […]