April Blog: Shipley’s Science

Doc Shipley writes:         Finally a few nice days with sunshine and no rain! It has been an incredibly hard winter throughout most of the Midwest.  Snow, rain, wind, sleet, more of same and repeat from November to mid May.  It’s the perfect case for supplemental feeding if your state will allow. […]

Shipley’s Science…. March 2019 Blog

I just returned from Tulsa, Oklahoma where I attended the North American Deer Farmers annual convention.  There were several nice presentations about CWD and EHD/BT from scientists and government agencies.  A couple of other speakers couldn’t make it due to the horrible weather in the high plains.  I feel sorry for the people, livestock and […]

Shipely’s Science – Blog #2 – “Zombie Deer”

The last few weeks I have been bombarded by questions about “Zombie” deer.  Print, TV and radio seemed to pick this up as something new and disturbing.  The local TV station picked their feed up from somewhere and it was so inaccurate that I almost flew out of my chair screaming to my wife!  Here […]

Shipley’s Science – Blog #1- “Winter Time Blues”

Do you really understand the toll the rut and winter take on deer? We want to start this blog referencing a great article on QDMA site. Click Here for full article.   Here is some interesting facts: “Bucks can easily lose 20 to 25 percent of their body weight during the rut”  “How tough is the […]