June Blog – What Really Matters with Wes Delks

Be Still Are you feeling like there’s more to life? Feeling like you have to constantly be worried about something? Do you feel stressed or that life is out of your control? Psalms 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God”. The word “still” in the original language actually translates “to let go”. […]

What Really Matters – With Wes Delks

The Mark of a Mature Christian May 2019 It was a frigid, snowy evening in early January. Season was winding down. The temperatures had been in the single digits for multiple days and the barometric pressure was on the rise. I knew my Real World soybeans would be chalked full of deer tonight. It was […]

Passionately Driven yet Simply Content

Do you find yourself always comparing your hunting situation to others? If you could just have their property, their sheds, their food plots, their big deer, you would be happy. Wanting to improve your situation is a good thing. As a matter of fact, it’s what drives us to put in the work to improve […]

What Really Matters with Wes Delks – January 2019

God Given Opportunities It’s another cold, snowy day. The end of deer season is just a few days away and the bite of the north wind on my face is almost as strong as the bite of an unfilled buck tag in my pocket. I mentally start making a list of the reasons I wasn’t […]