Passionately Driven yet Simply Content

Do you find yourself always comparing your hunting situation to others? If you could just have their property, their sheds, their food plots, their big deer, you would be happy.

Wanting to improve your situation is a good thing. As a matter of fact, it’s what drives us to put in the work to improve our hunting situations. But there’s a fine line between being passionately driven to improve your hunting situation and being discontent.

Being discontent is wrong. It’s actually one of the big ten. That’s right, one of the ten commandments God says we should never do. Right there in Exodus chapter 20 “Thou shall not covet”. To covet something is to be consumed with the desire to possess something. The only thing that should consume us is our desire to please the Lord.

Of course, we should strive to improve our hunting situations, that’s what makes us different. Our desire to chase whitetails harder than anyone else is what makes us uniquely and wonderfully made. But not being content in our situations, is wrong. We have to learn to pursue our passion and seek to improve our situation, yet be content in the process. It’s a weird concept that seems like it would be impossible to do both. But, with Gods help we can learn the balance of each.

Hebrews 13:5 tells us to be content with what we have, because Christ is enough. If we are seeking more antlers, bigger antlers, or the next story line, we will never be content. Decide today to put your hope and passion in life into something that will give you true contentment, Jesus Christ.

This month focus on being content in your situation even though you still strive to improve it. Next time you find yourself comparing your situation to Josh, Bob, or Roy, say a prayer like “Lord, thank you for giving me the hunting situation that I have and not Roys, because I know you have grown me as a hunter and follower of Christ from the circumstances I am in.”