2024 Marketing Partnership Program

Thank you for your interest in forming a professional partnership with Real World Wildlife Products. We see partners who involved in the hunting industry as important influencers with respect to finding and using the highest quality food plot, bedding, and nutrition products on the market. The purpose of this program is to help provide you with the highest with the best products available for your land and herd management projects. In addition, Real World Dealers benefit by your positive representation and mentorship in the field.

As a member of the program, you will be entitled to purchase products at a discount for personal use only. In return you will accept the responsibility to represent Real World Wildlife Products in the field according to the following criteria:

This program demands the terms to remain confidential between you and Real World Wildlife Products.  If Real World Wildlife Products is notified misuse in any way, you will automatically be removed from the program indefinitely. Further Rules and Guidelines apply and will be discussed at time of application.

Feel free to email our customer service team with any questions and/or  comments info@realworldwildlifeproducts.com