June Blog – What Really Matters with Wes Delks

Be Still

Are you feeling like there’s more to life? Feeling like you have to constantly be worried about something? Do you feel stressed or that life is out of your control? Psalms 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God”. The word “still” in the original language actually translates “to let go”. We need to understand that we are incapable of controlling life, and totally surrender our hunting, our futures, our jobs, our everything to Him.

Big houses, new trucks, a large figure in your bank account, thousands of friends on social media, a trophy room full of Booners can all give the appearance that a person has it all together or has everything under control. But these things are all an illusion! God is in control. He is our refuge and our strength! Our help in times of trouble.

By fully submitting each of life’s circumstances to Christ and surrendering every situation to God desires, you can experience ultimate peace (Isaiah 26:3). People who have the most stuff, don’t have the most peace. The people that have the most faith, have the most peace. A relationship with the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing in this world that can bring you peace or lasting satisfaction.

Why should we worry? God’s protection and power brings peace. God is always present and He is all powerful. Deuteronomy says “Do not fear, for the Lord your God is fighting for you”. If this is truly our heart’s belief, when things around us seem out of control, we can still be at peace because the God of this universe is fighting for us!

It’s this radical response to chaos, stress, and hectic times in your life that nonbelievers will take notice of. When our response to the conflicts of life is God given peace, other people want to know why and where that response comes from.

When a storm or hurricane hits an area do you see animals running wild? No. Fish go deeper and deeper in a hurricane. Birds find a safe place to stay out of the wind. Deer stay still in the heart of the storm. Let your response to life’s storms be similar to theirs. Be still and know that He is God. Radically surrender all to Him.