Waters of Life – Blog By Wes Delks

In many parts of the whitetail’s range you can find deer where you can find water. On a DIY hunt a couple years ago in North Dakota, it was simply pointless to hunt whitetails unless you were close to the river. The creeks, rivers and streams create a network of habitat that give life to […]

Native Grass – Patience! Patience! Patience!

It happens every year about this time; the phones start ringing with customers wondering why the switchgrass, Bedding-in-a-Bag or now Real World Giant Miscanthus they planted has not yet sprouted. With more and more people diving into using Native Grass as bedding cover, they get worried when they do not see the same time line […]

Understanding Weed Management

We do not want your soybean plot to look like this! Almost every day, we are contacted and asked to recommend a herbicide or fertilizer.   What everyone has to remember is that different areas of the country have different challenges and different products available.   A relationship with your local farm store, ag chemical company, or […]

Real World – A “Hybrid” Company – Written By: Don Higgins

If you have paid much attention to Real World Wildlife Products you likely recognize that they are different than other companies supplying food plot seed, mineral and other such products to the hunting industry. Personally, I have always thought of Real World as a “hybrid” company which helps explain what makes them different. Maybe I […]

Understanding Seed Coating by Don Higgins

Real World Wildlife Products is proud of the fact that we started and built this company using education as a marketing tool. When a consumer is educated about what to look for in a particular product they can quickly and easily pick out a quality product from one that is simply in a fancy package […]

Giant Miscanthus Storage – What to do when it arrives

When your bag of rhizomes arrives at your doorstep you will likely be excited to check them out! Taking care of them properly from the time your receive them until you plant them, is important for their success. -Rhizomes need to be kept dormant until you are ready to plant them. Keep them in cold […]


It is very important to control competing weeds within a new Miscanthus planting for at least the first two years. Apply a pre-emergence herbicide immediately after planting. We recommend Harness Xtra (acetochlor + Atrazine), which is labeled for Giant Miscanthus. Look for active ingredient acetochlor if you cannot find Harness Xtra. Herbicide applications once your […]

Real World BEDDING IN A BAG Planting Instructions

Establishing and Maintaining RWWS Whitetail Bedding Mix Establishing the warm season native grasses contained in the Real World’s “Bedding-in-a-Bag” mix can require some extra effort compared to other crops. This blend contains a total of 7# PLS (pure live seed) per acre. This is plenty of seed when a properly adjusted native grass planting drill […]

Real World SWITCHGRASS Planting Instructions

Switchgrass Planting Instructions Please read these instructions completely before starting your switchgrass planting project! It could save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. Ground Preparation – Your planting site should be free of any growing or established plants. Frost-seeding or no-till drilling can be done with no ground prep on sites free of other live vegetation, […]

Real World GIANT MISCANTHUS Planting Instructions

Real World Giant Miscanthus – Planting Tips and Instructions (a patented, non-invasive tall grass species) PLEASE READ! We want your miscanthus planting to be successful so please follow the instructions outlined here. Site Prep – Choose a planting site that gets full sunlight and is a good distance away from trees and other competing vegetation. […]

Soybean Questions answered by Duane Hopkins and Don Higgins

The very first product that Real World ever brought to market was soybeans. We had grown tired of planting ag beans that often shattered before the deer ate them and in our trials to find a shatter resistant soybean we also noticed that deer clearly preferred some varieties of soybeans over others. After testing nearly […]

Food Plot Diversity – Creating Edges – Habitat for ALL Animals

Capitalizing on the Creature of the Edge; Upland Game Blend Deer are creatures of the edge. This is common knowledge to the average deer hunter. We see whitetails traveling the edges between timber and field, native grasses and food plots, swamps and thickets, etc. So why don’t we take advantage of this behavior within our […]

Food Plot Diversity by Don Higgins

I have long preached the importance of nutrition to maximize the genetic potential of bucks on a property. This topic is covered in detail during my Whitetail Master Course and I talk about it with all my consulting clients. I strongly urge a diverse food-plot approach and complete nutrition program that offers high quality food […]

Clover Food Plots – All you ever want to know…..

Recently, we asked Real World Head Seedsman, Duane Hopkins to outline some facts about clover. Duane’s experience as a seedsman and hunter will provide insight to those making decisions about their clover food plots. Duane says,“There is no replacement for getting it done right the first time!” If you make the right decision now, your Clover […]

Tips for Successful Frost-Seeding

One of the best ways to establish some small seeds such as switchgrass and clover is by frost-seeding as long as a few guidelines are followed. In order to help you have the best plots possible we are going to share some great advice regarding frost seeding. We will cover switchgrass and clover in separate […]

The Ultimate Plot Screen

The Ultimate Plot Screen Since Real World Wildlife Products released the news about their new patented miscanthus variety which will be available this spring, the internet has exploded with mis-information about miscanthus. With that said,  let’s clear up some of the mis-information regarding Real Worlds new Giant Miscanthus. Then I am going to share new […]

What Really Matters with Wes Delks – December 2019

But Then God Have you ever planned your hunting season to go a certain way, or maybe your marriage to feel different, maybe it’s your job or your family life that you pictured being a particular way but then God had different plans for you? This Christmas season I want to take a short look […]

What Really Matters with Wes Delks – November 2019

In His Timing Sometimes as big buck chasers we try to force our agenda on our hunting. We want to fill all our tags before gun season, kill the bully buck before the rut, use our tag on a specific buck before he switches patterns, hunt less than thirty times, or some other idea that […]

Don’s Difference Makers – September 2019

The countdown to opening day has started. Soon it will be time for us deer hunters to once again hit the woods in search of a giant buck or meat for the freezer. For me September is a month to observe as my stands have been in place since last spring and my plots have […]

What Matters Most with Wes Delks – September 2019

Bow hunting mature bucks is often viewed as a man vs beast sport, matching wits with a single animal. A passion can evolve into a sport in which it is easy to get caught up in my situation, my properties, my food plots, my bucks. As we enter another hunting season, I want to challenge […]

Recently, Dr. Clifford Shipley wrote a short blog entry about the changing weather from a very wet spring to dry summer. This presents some concerns for deer farmers and hunters. Check out this short article he wrote for his fellow deer farmers…. Hot, dry weather has hit us after the wettest year (April to April) […]

July Blog – What Really Matters with Wes Delks

  “When you’re in a tree stand and a coyote goes by it instantly becomes a predator hunt. We try to immediately eradicate the problem! In this week’s blog we discuss how our thoughts can be toxic to our minds and when thoughts arise that aren’t based on the truth we need to immediately eradicate […]

Shipley Science in Mid Summer

Hot, dry weather has hit us after the wettest year (April to April) ever.  This has affected pastures and food plots as well as pastures.  My pastures suffered terribly from the wet but my frost seeding with the clover/chicory mix from RWWP came thru great…since the drought and hot weather the grass shut down and […]