Don’s Difference Makers – September 2019

The countdown to opening day has started. Soon it will be time for us deer hunters to once again hit the woods in search of a giant buck or meat for the freezer. For me September is a month to observe as my stands have been in place since last spring and my plots have […]

What Matters Most with Wes Delks – September 2019

Bow hunting mature bucks is often viewed as a man vs beast sport, matching wits with a single animal. A passion can evolve into a sport in which it is easy to get caught up in my situation, my properties, my food plots, my bucks. As we enter another hunting season, I want to challenge […]

Recently, Dr. Clifford Shipley wrote a short blog entry about the changing weather from a very wet spring to dry summer. This presents some concerns for deer farmers and hunters. Check out this short article he wrote for his fellow deer farmers…. Hot, dry weather has hit us after the wettest year (April to April) […]

July Blog – What Really Matters with Wes Delks

  “When you’re in a tree stand and a coyote goes by it instantly becomes a predator hunt. We try to immediately eradicate the problem! In this week’s blog we discuss how our thoughts can be toxic to our minds and when thoughts arise that aren’t based on the truth we need to immediately eradicate […]

Shipley Science in Mid Summer

Hot, dry weather has hit us after the wettest year (April to April) ever.  This has affected pastures and food plots as well as pastures.  My pastures suffered terribly from the wet but my frost seeding with the clover/chicory mix from RWWP came thru great…since the drought and hot weather the grass shut down and […]

Are You Planting the BEST Whitetail Soybean?

Across the Midwest it is almost time for food plotters to get those spring-planted plots planted. Many of us have recognized the numerous benefits of including soybeans in our food plot programs. The greatest of those benefits is that soybeans provide a nutrient-rich food-source from the time they germinate until the very last grain is […]

What Really Matters with Wes Delks – February 2019

Meet Your Potential Written By: Wes Delks, General Manager – Real World Wildlife Products This past summer, on my first card pull, I checked a camera along a bean field where I knew a bachelor group was likely to be. Amidst the group was a nice buck that I did not recognize. He had fourteen, […]

Don’s Difference Makers – January 2019

WELCOME TO A NEW BLOG CALLED “DON’S DIFFERENCE MAKERS”    THIS MONTHLY BLOG WILL PROVIDE A WINDOW INTO STRATEGIES DON HIGGINS USES WHILE CHASING MATURE WHITETAILS.   HOPE YOU ENJOY! Switchgrass and Bedding-in-a-Bag Tips for Success It seems that lately I have been asked on an almost daily basis what new products Real World will be introducing […]

Are Your Plots Flooded Out?

We have heard a lot of reports in recent days of customers whose food plots have been flooded due to the heavy rains in various parts of the country. While this is certainly not good news, all hope is not lost for this season. The key is going to be in how and how fast […]

Brassicas – Love Them or Hate Them? By Kevin Boyer

At Real World Wildlife Products, we have been testing different seed species and seed blends for decades. This testing is primarily done in side-by-side test plots where we allow the deer to show us which varieties of plants they prefer. When it comes to plants in the brassica family we have seen a wide variety […]

Real World Soybeans – Just Another Ag Bean?

One of the most frequent comments spewed by those who want to bash Real World soybeans is that they are “just another ag bean”. In fact this comment has been perpetuated by competitors as a way to slow the tremendous growth, popularity and market share that Real World soybeans have experienced. Ironically the loudest critics […]

Think About A Gut Check

I did not hunt as a young child.  It was not until I was out of high school I tried to learn the sport.  I remember I bought my first bow, a High Country Supreme the summer of 1996.  Shooting 25-12 Easton Arrows, I wasn’t a bad shot for a beginner.   That set up would […]

Real World Switchgrass Seed Issues

If you ordered switchgrass from us in the past month it is very likely that your order was slow to arrive. In a few cases customers actually received their orders for switchgrass seed and we then asked them to return it for a replacement bag. Real World prides itself on customer service so we think […]

Expect Healthy Deer Technology is Improved for 2018

Real World Wildlife Products puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that our products are the very best on the market. This effort does not stop once we bring a product to market as we continue to look for ways to improve every product. For 2018 our Expect Healthy Deer Technology has only gotten […]

Supplemental Feeding by Dr. Aaron Gaines

As an avid deer hunter I spend a lot of my time trying to create better habitat and food sources for the deer herd on the farms I hunt.   This has become a real passion and enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor when I’m fortunate to harvest one of my “hit-list” bucks.    Probably like […]

Big Bucks Reveal Their Favorite Food Plot

The recent cold spell has most people anxiously waiting for spring but there is a certain group of deer hunters who planned ahead and are now enjoying this Arctic blast. Any deer hunter who follows social media at all has seen a trend that has so clearly revealed itself during this recent brutal cold spell. […]

New Years Thoughts – Looking Back

As 2017 comes to an end it is a good time for us at Real World Wildlife Products to look back at not only the past year, but back to our beginning as we have seen Real World grow beyond anything we could have dreamed. 2018 will mark Real Worlds 10th year in business but […]

Real World customer documents his successful season…

Before we let you read Richard’s story, we will tell you that on September 14, 2017 a very excited Richard Knippenberg contacted us with this picture and message: Don I’ve written to you a couple of times about how your Buck Bedding in a Bag has changed my farm and how happy I am – […]

Video Story of “SMOKEY THE BUCK” by Don Higgins

Welcome to Real World Wildlife Products!    We started this company 10 years ago on the foundation of “Dare to Compare.”  This means , we do not sell our products through gimmicks or misleading advertisements.  We try to educate the customer to make the best choice for themselves, their hunting goals, and their property.   This […]

Is this Real? by: Don Higgins

It is slowly starting to sink in now.  After tagging my two target bucks on back-to-back hunts in mid-October the rarity of the accomplishment is slowly starting to hit home. For any bowhunter to kill two bucks of this caliber in the same hunting season would be a tremendous feat. To do it on back-to-back […]