Waters of Life – Blog By Wes Delks

In many parts of the whitetail’s range you can find deer where you can find water. On a DIY hunt a couple years ago in North Dakota, it was simply pointless to hunt whitetails unless you were close to the river. The creeks, rivers and streams create a network of habitat that give life to a host of animal species, including the big bucks we pursued. The Bible says in Ezekiel “Living creatures will live wherever the river flows”.

Just as the whitetail needs water, so do people, but I’m not describing physical thirst, rather the desire or thirst for joy, happiness, contentment, and purpose. Jesus describes this as the water of life!

Jesus said “Whoever drinks water will be thirsty again. But whoever drinks the water I will give him will never be thirsty”.

During the world wide crisis of COVID-19 that we currently face there is an all time high for people needing joy, happiness, contentment and purpose. Unemployment is high, relationships are tense, money is tight, loneliness and depression are rampant. Jesus offers us all the water of life for those that will simply put their trust in Him.

Drink from the water of life that putting your trust in Jesus provides! There will be a time when those that have put their faith in him will be taken to be with Jesus, and that day may be soon.