Living in Fear. A Day As A Whitetail. by: Terry Peer

Living in Fear?

Can you imagine what it is like to live every minute of your life as nervous as a whitetail deer?   The cover photo of this blog says a lot.  While a couple deer have their head down, other deer are on the watch.

Something has this deer spooked and she is leaving fast!

The 2020 cell camera test has given me the opportunity to look at THOUSANDS of trail camera pictures and videos.   Currently I have 9 cell cameras and 41 standard cameras deployed across different properties in Kentucky and Illinois.   I recently saw a couple pictures that reminded me about how alert deer stay.   They are always living in fear.   I cannot even imagine how that must feel.   They are always on edge looking for the next threat.

When I am hunting, I have seen doe lock up and bob their head for what seems like forever trying to pick off something that is not right.   A buck will stand still and look at one area for an hour before he commits to walk out into it.  Mature bucks seek areas without human intrusion to live.   They are known to be extremely cautious and scent check the downwind side of bedding areas food sources before entering.

I have thought a lot about how it must feel to live in that type of fear each day.    I know many people reading this blog come from different situations and environments, but most of us do not live in a place that has this much anxiety every minute of the day.   I personally can never remember waking up and forcing my self to stay alert every minute of the day for the next attack or threat.

My typical day is to hit snooze as many times as I can in the morning.  When it is not hunting season, I try and get every minute of sleep possible before stumbling into the shower, getting ready for work and listening to my favorite podcast as I drive into the office.  My typical day in the office has never forced me to be on high alert of a physical attack.   The closest thing i can think of is our military, police, fire fighters, and first responders.  They sacrifice themselves to work in dangerous situations every day.   I can not imagine what it is like working in their environment and truly appreciate them. I am very thankful for their sacrifice to serve and protect.   Still I do not think it is as bad as the life of a deer.  These animals are always on edge with no down time.

When we look at a whitetail, every minute of every day they are worried about what is out there.  Do you think they worry about their future, their babies, their overall survival?

This mother doe is on high alert for her two babies!

Recently, I was in church listening to a communion meditation by one the young fathers named Ethan Glass who has two small boys.   He said as a father, he never knew that level of love until his boys were born.   When we are taking care of our children, we are on high alert to protect them.   Ethan said he would do whatever was needed to protect his boys.   That would mean to even lay down his life to protect his boys.   I think every parent understands that, I know I do!   He continued to compare this parental instinct to what God did.   God didn’t lay down his own life for saving his Son.   He gave up his son to save others.   His enemies!  Those who would betray him!   Those who despise him!

How many of us would give up the life of our child to save an enemy?   I cannot say that I would.   That sacrifice should take away all our fear.   That sacrifice shows us that no matter what happens, we have the ability to be saved by the blood of Jesus.  No need to fear.

In the Bible, Isaiah looks forward to the coming of Jesus. “Be strong, do not fear.”  This shows complete confidence in the Lord.   These words give us confidence in our relationship with Christ.

Isaiah 35:4 – Say to those with fearful hearts, “Be Strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.”

A lot of fear exists out in the world.   People fear the unknown and known.  We see people fear sickness, disease, viruses.   The world can be a scary place, and if you spend time in the book of Revelations – it is not going to get any better.  As time goes on, the Bible says things will get worse and fear can become more of the norm.   The kicker is that you do not have to live in that fear the same way a whitetail does.   Those who have a relationship with Christ are assured there they are not going to lose.

If you are living in fear battling the anxiety of life, with Jesus you have victory over fear.   He won the victory of giving up his life.   Think about everything people fear.   Those things can never undo what Christ already did for YOU!   No mater what you have done, it does not matter!   No matter what you are facing right now, it does not matter.    Satan will try to make you think that you don’t deserve freedom and the victory over fear.   Satan will make you feel scared of your future.

For those that know me personally know that I am still paranoid about my surroundings.  Those who saw my recent episode on Whitetail Cribs saw how prepared I am to protect my loved ones.   Tomahawks and all!   While I am always looking out for the safety of my wife, my kids, girls on my softball team, my family and friends, I am not scared of how the story ends.   I am confident that Jesus died for me no matter how much I hurt Him day after day.   That fear is gone.   As you grow closer to Jesus, your fear becomes hope and confidence!

As you sit in the stand this fall, watch how these deer live their normal day in fear.   Every minute of the day.  Know that you have a different option available through Jesus.   You do not have to live your life in fear.  A personal relationship with Jesus can give you the assurance of the victory.    Trust in Him.  Know Him.   Follow Him.