Bear One Another’s Burdens

Guest Blog by Wes Stinson of Fall Line Ridge YouTube Channel.            There is an old classic story of the church that goes something like this: A pastor walked up the steps to an old house to visit with a church member on a cold winter day. As the two men sat around the fire and […]

Real World Strategies in the Northern Plains

By CMSgt (Ret) Dana R. Rogers Living and growing up in the frigid climate of the northern Great Plains, private land Whitetail management was something that lagged far behind most of the rest of the Whitetails range.  I was blessed to grow up on a farm/ranch that held deer and the opportunity to hunt but […]

The Potential Is There! Guest Blog by Ty Miller from @smallacrehunting

RWWP is honored to have guest blog author Ty Miller from Small Acre Hunting contribute this piece that hits home for a lot of outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy! Ty Writes: I can still remember the crisp crunch of the frozen soil under my boots, as if I was walking on dried out wafers. It was late […]

Purpose Greater Than Pain – Guest Blog by Tate Hale

When RWWP was told the story of this young man, the first thing we wanted to do was help share his story. We were honored that Tate was willing to contribute as a guest blogger. This story is about perseverance, dedication, and commitment that will encourage everyone. I can not help but think about ways […]

Intuition! Guest Blog by Josh Anderson

We would like to thank Josh Anderson of Lethal Mission for being the next contributor to our Guest Blog Series. We hope you enjoy the story, encouragement, and video of this Ohio GIANT! Links below on where you can find more content from our friends at LETHAL MISSION Growing up in the South, I was […]

Oak Leaves, Dead Trees, and the Gospel of Christ

Guest Blog by Wes Stenson @falllineridge (Facebook and YouTube) A deer stand experience always has a way of evoking feelings of awe and wonder. For me, those feelings show up as amazement at a setting sun, a gentle breeze through the trees, or the intricacies of an oak leaf. Most of my hunts occur in […]