Shipley Science in Mid Summer

Hot, dry weather has hit us after the wettest year (April to April) ever.  This has affected pastures and food plots as well as pastures.  My pastures suffered terribly from the wet but my frost seeding with the clover/chicory mix from RWWP came thru great…since the drought and hot weather the grass shut down and the deer are hitting the clover/chicory so hard that’s its having a hard time keeping up with the pressure…need a good rain!  The drought makes me worry about conditions being just right for midges and EHD to hit our deer herds both wild and farmed.  Already hearing rumors of deer with EHD in Iowa.  Fighting EHD is an uphill battle.  Start with good sanitation by draining all standing water and wet spots to minimize mud where the midges breed.  Use sprays, foggers and backrubbers in a judicious manner (I still worry about killing all the monarchs!).  Vaccinations may help if you can get them.  Last I heard, Newport Labs is still on backorder and Medgene is waiting USDA permission to ship their new Type 2 experimental vaccine.  Contact your veterinarian or the two companies to get on a waiting list.  There is paperwork to fill out for Medgene and you might as well get the process started if you plan on vaccinating.  As far as nutrition goes, I have been feeding the Maximizer Expect Healthy Deer feed for almost 2 years now.  The ingredients in it help with insects, boost the immune system, keep heat stress down and contain specific probiotics that target specific deer diseases like Clostridium and Fusobacterium… I also have the best antler development I’ve ever had.  I have multiple 2 year old’s over 300 inches and multiple ones that are over 400.  It’s amazing when genetics and nutrition work together!