Real World GIANT MISCANTHUS Planting Instructions

Real World Giant Miscanthus – Planting Tips and Instructions

(a patented, non-invasive tall grass species)

PLEASE READ! We want your miscanthus planting to be successful so please follow the instructions outlined here.

Site Prep – Choose a planting site that gets full sunlight and is a good distance away from trees and other competing vegetation. Think of miscanthus as corn when selecting a planting site; a location where corn would do well is a site where miscanthus will do well. You wouldn’t plant corn in a woods or on a field edge right against a woods so don’t plant miscanthus there either. Miscanthus will also do best in soils and moisture conditions that are also good for corn. It is very important that the planting site be totally free of weeds and grasses before planting. You must use a herbicide to do this as disking, plowing or tilling will not kill the root-system of grasses and they will come back and out-compete your miscanthus. If you do not first properly prepare the planting site, all other efforts are wasted. Take the time to select a good planting site and then prepare it well ahead of planting. Keep in mind that it takes a minimum of 3 years for a new miscanthus planting to reach its full potential.

Planting –Real World Giant Miscanthus rhizomes as soon as soil conditions allow in early spring and no later than mid-June. Rhizomes should be planted 3-4” deep and 12-18” apart in rows that are spaced 18-24”. Plant at least 3 rows for good screening, 5 rows is better.

Weed control – It is very important to control competing weeds within a new miscanthus planting for at least the first 2 years. Apply a pre-emergence herbicide immediately after planting and maintain the pre-emergence herbicide barrier by making a second application 1-1.5 months after the initial application.  Harness Xtra is a pre-emergence that is labeled for giant miscanthus.

Fertilizer – do not fertilize Real World Giant Miscanthus the year it is planted. A moderate dose of nitrogen can be applied for increased growth in the spring after the first year.

Warning – Real World Giant Miscanthus is a patent-protected cultivar. Real World is licensed by the patent holder to market this specific variety of miscanthus. It is illegal to propagate Real World Giant Miscanthus and Real World Wildlife Products will work closely with the patent holder to protect their interest and investment.