It is very important to control competing weeds within a new Miscanthus planting for at least the first two years. Apply a pre-emergence herbicide immediately after planting. We recommend Harness Xtra (acetochlor + Atrazine), which is labeled for Giant Miscanthus. Look for active ingredient acetochlor if you cannot find Harness Xtra.
Herbicide applications once your Miscanthus has emerged may be necessary. 30-45 days from your first application you may want to use any of the below herbicides that have been tested, and have shown excellent tolerance with little injury to Giant Miscanthus, while resulting in effective weed control.
• Callisto® (mesotrione)
• Laudis® (Tembrotrion)
• Armezon® (Topramezone)
• Cimmaron®(Metsulfuron-methyl)
• 2, 4-D
• Atrazine
2,4-D, and many other herbicides commonly used for corn can be used for Miscanthus. 2,4-D will do an excellent job of controlling most broadleaf weeds in your Miscanthus.
If you can not find the herbicides you need at a farm supply company, try reaching out to local ag chemical rep.
Real World wants your Giant Miscanthus planting to be successful. Proper herbicide applications will help you establish a healthy stand for the long term effectiveness of the wall that won’t fall down!