RWWP Hybrid Grain Sorghum Blend Pilot Program



10 pound bag – plants one acre

Give your wildlife another option!  Real World is expanding testing of their Hybrid Grain Sorghum blend.  Hybrid grain sorghum is a great fall and winter food source for deer, upland game birds and migratory birds.  The plants grow from 3-4 feet tall making it a good cover for wildlife.  This mix is a blend of white and red sorghum.

We have been testing various grain sorghum varieties on our own properties and have developed a blend of two specific varieties that showed the most promise in our test plots. We are now offering this grain sorghum blend as part of our pilot program to gather more input from a wider geographic area as well as more diverse planting sites and situations. One huge advantage that we have seen is that young grain sorghum plants do not get browsed like corn and soybeans often do. This allows a land manager another grain option to provide for the wildlife on his property. Grain sorghum also does better in a drier environment than corn or soybeans and can be planted later in the year.

This sorghum program is not treated with a Herbicide Safener. Consult grain sorghum herbicide labels before pre and post applications.

Planting Instructions

Soil temperature should be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit
Planting depth 1 inch
Do not plant in high pH soils (greater than 7.5)
Normally ready for feeding around 95 days after seeding