RWWP Non GMO Nutri-Crave Corn






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Real World Wildlife Products has tested numerous corn varieties over the past decade looking for a variety that would stand out from other varieties in terms of nutrient content and attraction and compliment our soybeans. We have finally found it! Our new “Nutri-Crave” corn has higher levels of all major nutrients found in corn and also attracts hungry deer better than any other corn we have tested.

The 1 Acre Bag – 26,666 kernel

The 2.5-3 Acre Bag – 80,000 kernel

In our 2020 test plots Nutri-Crave 109-day corn had 11.12% protein and 12.97% fat. Corn from a nearby ag field tested at 6.86% protein and 3.86% fat. Real Worlds Nutri-Crave corn also had better figures for phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, iron and manganese. Another huge advantage is in total calories where Nutri-Crave corn has significantly more calories than the same volume of typical field corn. Just imagine what this means to deer feeding on Nutri-Crave corn during the winter! Most importantly, deer showed a very strong preference to Nutri-Crave corn compared to all other varieties tested.

Real Worlds Nutri-Crave corn is non-GMO, at this time, we do not offer this in Roundup Ready variety.  If you grow corn in your food-plots or for livestock feed, you really need to try Nutri-Crave corn!

You can even see the difference when comparing Real Worlds Nutri-Crave corn (on right) with standard ag corn (on left).


Corn requires more attention to detail than some other food-plot crops but can easily be grown by following a few instructions. Here are some tips to help your Nutri-Crave Corn plot be a success.

– Plant when soil temperatures reach 60 degrees

– It is important to start with a well worked and totally weed-free seed bed.

– The ideal seed planting rate for 1 acre of Nutri-Crave Corn is 26,500 seeds per acre. This allows for maximum grain production. Ideal spacing is obtained by planting on 30″ rows with 6″ to 8″ spacing between plants within each row. Seeds should be planted 2″ deep. Broadcasting seeds is NOT recommended.

– Weed control is very important! Residual (pre-emergent) herbicides are highly recommended for the success of this product. Please consult with your local ag chemical dealer for the best recommendations for your region. 2-4D herbicide can be sprayed over the top of growing corn to control broadleaf weeds only. 2-4D will not kill grasses such as foxtail.

– Soil fertility and proper pH is more critical with corn than any other food plot crops. Corn requires adequate nutrition to reach its full potential of yield and nutritional benefits for the animal. Corn typically requires more nitrogen than other food plot crops. Start with a soil test and then consult with your local fertilizer dealer.

– Nutri-Crave corn is treated with a fungicide for early season disease pressure offering 30-40 days of protection to get your plot off to a great start.