Humic Acid




Real World’s Humic Acid 40LB 

Real World Wildlife Products is serious about helping you grow the most nutrient-rich crops in your plots to help your deer reach their maximum genetic potential. This process starts with the soil. As part of this holistic approach to food plot management, we are now offering humic acid as a soil amendment for those customers looking to take soil health to the ultimate level. The humic acid that we offer comes from Canada and is of much higher quality than any humic we could find from sources within the United States. When applied to soil humic offers numerous benefits –

–          Enhance the availability and uptake of nutrients

–          Decrease toxins in the soil

–          Improve water retention

–          Stimulate plant growth

–          Promote healthy root growth

–          Stimulate soil microorganisms

–          Minimizes plant stress


Real World’s Humic Acid is in a granular form similar to coarse sand. It can easily be applied with any broadcast spreader. Recommended application rate is 200-250# per acre, applied once every 2-3 years. Humic acid is also great for gardens and lawns.