10-10-20 Fertilizer



40 Pound Bag

Real World Wildlife Products is offering specially formulated fertilizer blends to help you achieve the best results possible in your food plot.  We strongly encourage you to do a soil test on each of your plots and follow the recommendations based on those test results. These fertilizer blends and recommended rates may or may not fully provide the specific nutrients your soil needs.

10-10-20 – A premium blend of nutrients that includes humic acid, sulfur, trace minerals and ESN (environmentally smart nitrogen).  Apply 10-10-20 ahead of planting at a rate of 200 to 400 pounds per acre on RWWP soybeans, RWWP Deadly Dozen, RWWP Dixie Dozen, RWWP Plot Topper, RWWP Whitetail Harvest Salad, and RWWP Clover/Chicory Blend.  Works well when used in conjunction with Real World Wildlife Products’ pH Balancer.