Today’s typical deer hunter and land manager is more knowledgeable and better educated than those from just a decade ago. The resources which are available today allow anyone to continually increase their knowledge of any topic related to whitetails and managing habitat for them.

Not only are deer hunters evolving in regards to their knowledge but the hunting industry is also changing. The thing is, the hunting industry is not changing as fast as its end consumers are. The advertising approach that a lot of hunting companies used a decade ago is quickly becoming outdated as their end consumer becomes more educated. The days are numbered where a company can rely on fancy packaging, glitz, glamour and celebrity endorsements to sell products. In another decade those approaches will be even less effective than they are today.

Real World Wildlife Products is bringing an agricultural marketing approach to the hunting industry by using facts, science and education to appeal to a consumer base that is becoming better educated.

Real World has always taken a similar approach to marketing that companies within the agricultural industry take. Instead of smoke and mirrors, we use facts and science coupled with consumer education. Take a look at a farming magazine sometime and compare the ads within it to the ads you will see in a hunting magazine. As hunters become more educated on topics related to land management, companies within the hunting industry will be forced to shift their marketing approach and their message. Real World is already there.

When Real World Wildlife Products started a decade ago we sought to be different and took a different approach with our marketing. Honestly we were a bit ahead of our time but now others are starting to notice this new trend and are following our lead.

Real World started with a simple “Dare to Compare” motto. We didn’t just want to sell a customer a bag of seed, we wanted our customers to have the best food plots they had ever had. We have always strived to have long-term loyal customers. If we could get someone to plant one of our products side-by-side with anything else on the market we knew that most of the time we would win that challenge. This very simple approach has converted a lot of forage soybean users to a better full-season soybean, Real Worlds Generation-2 soybean blend.

This video which Real World produced a few years ago is one example of an ongoing education process to help all deer hunters and land-managers become more successful and better informed. Others have since copied this approach but Real World has done it since the first day they started.

Real World has also used education to help our customers as well as potential customers become more informed consumers. We knew as the deer hunting community became more educated they would begin demanding better products, which we already had. Things like learning to read a seed tag or the analysis on a mineral product are pieces of knowledge that a consumer can use for the rest of their life to be better informed about any brand of seed or any mineral product.

In the last couple of years Real World Wildlife Products has really upped its game in regards to bringing its customer cutting-edge products. Our Expect Healthy Deer Technology® is a perfect example. Skeptics still abound within the hunting community but the science is there. Someday everyone will be on board and honestly major feed companies are already trying to copy it. Do you think this would be happening if this was just a slick marketing campaign to sell magical pixy dust?

For us to do the needed research to help take whitetail land management to the next level we have worked with captive deer breeders to test our products. There was simply no other way to test and be able to measure the results. Captive deer breeders are on top of their game. They have to be as their paycheck depends on it.

Recently Real World had a booth at a captive deer breeders event. This event happened to coincide with the ATA show so we had to make a choice. We did not abandon the hunting industry as that is where our hearts are however many asked us the question, “Why aren’t you at ATA?” and accused us of abandoning our roots. Nothing could be further from the truth. We think folks should have been asking the deer nutrition companies at ATA why they weren’t at the captive deer breeders event. If those products actually could do what they claim, the captive deer industry would be buying it by the truck loads!

Captive deer breeders know what it takes to keep their deer healthy, productive and growing giant antlers. Real World Wildlife Products is bringing that proven science to the hunting industry.

Captive deer breeders know what it takes to keep their deer healthy, productive and growing giant antlers. You won’t find any of them feeding their deer salt rocks or any of the magic-potion attractant mixes being marketed to deer hunters. If those companies had booths at a captive deer breeders event they would likely not sell a single product. On the other hand a large and growing number of captive deer breeders ARE using Real Worlds Maximizer line of products. It really goes back to the comparison of agricultural companies and hunting-based companies. One thrives on facts and science while the other sells with celebrity glitz and glamour.

Don’t think for a minute that Real World has lost its way and forgot the “real world hunter”. That’s not the case at all. Real World is committed to giving real world hunters the best products possible along with the information needed to use them successfully. We have seen you get ripped off and taken advantage of for too long. You deserve better and with Real World you can expect it.

Real World is experiencing tremendous growth each year. In fact, 2017 saw gross sales almost triple from 2016. We do not see this trend slowing at all and as deer hunters and land-managers become even more educated we are confident that Real World will continue its climb to the top of the hunting industry.

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  1. Thanks Don. I truly understand where you are coming from. I had a long conservation with Kevin yesterday about my concerns. I do respect you and Kevin and your company. I use Real World products. I live in Missouri in a county that does not allow feeding. If it was legal then I would use your mineral as well as I use your food plot products. I understand the reason you use deer farms for research and agree with that. I will just always have a problem supporting raising deer to be shot in a fence and a lot of deer are raised for that and i can not call that real world. I call it greed. I believe it means so much more to harvest a 150 inch class deer in the wild vs a 300 class deer in a fence. I scares me because someday i think the sport that I love could be in danger from fenced operations which will fuel the anti hunters. That in my opinion does not create a pretty picture. I also does not teach anyone how to hunt or could you call it hunting or is it just shooting. No learning,no teaching, just shooting. And that is what I believe Real World is. It is teaching. It is learning, It is the thrill. It is the pride. Just think how proud you were when you harvested the two great wild free ranging deer this year. THAT IS REAL WORLD. What pleasure
    could ever come from walking in a fence and shooting. Is that something to be proud of or not. I do believe that using deer for research in farms is something we should do ,but just for shooting is wrong,which takes the hunt out of hunting. Don thanks for all you do and for taking the time to read this .

    1. Thanks Jim. I appreciate you taking the time to call us with your concerns and give Kevin a chance to explain our position. This approach sure beats just assuming something which may very well not be true. Real World is simply trying to put out the very best products possible. Sadly, real world hunters are also some of the most gullible when it comes to clever (but also deceiving) advertising campaigns which are so common in the hunting industry. We believe that there is a slow but steady trend where hunters are becoming better educated on subjects related to food plots and land management to the point where marketing with facts and science will become more effective.

  2. Great articale Don,
    Seperation in anything,sports, business, farming, and beliefs is what set people apart. I think you and Kevin are well on the way to prove this!

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