Expect Healthy Deer Technology is Improved for 2018

EHD Preventative Deer Technology

Real World Wildlife Products puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that our products are the very best on the market. This effort does not stop once we bring a product to market as we continue to look for ways to improve every product. For 2018 our Expect Healthy Deer Technology has only gotten better for both deer farmers and hunters.

Real Worlds very own Dr Aaron Gaines is one of the most knowledgeable and successful nutritionists in the world but is also a very avid and successful deer hunter.

Our Expect Healthy Deer Technology is being used by more and more captive deer breeders and farmers looking to keep their herds healthy while maximizing genetics and antler growth.   This technology provides critical nutrients designed to: support a strong immune system, maintain optimum rumen function, support gastrointestinal tract function, and maximize nutrient utilization.   Expect Healthy Deer Technology is made from high quality all-natural ingredients from around the world that have research proven health and performance benefits and should be fed year-round.   To make this technology to the next level it now includes a patented probiotic developed specifically for whitetail deer.  There is no other probiotic like it anywhere in the world.

The purpose of the probiotic contained in Expect Healthy Deer Technology is to promote maximum gut health under both normal and stressful conditions.   By maximizing the diversity of the gut microflora this leads to a more balanced gastro-intestinal tract that can be more resilient to disruptions caused by changes in diet, disease challenges, environmental extremes, and other stress factors.   The deer farmers we work with certainly have an understanding of and appreciation for the importance of “gut health” in their whitetail herds.

These same lessons can be applied to hunters and land managers as well.  For example, how many of you hunters have physically observed or seen trail camera pictures of deer with loose stools or diarrhea?   The bottom line is that deer in the wild get sick as well and can benefit from improves nutrition and products containing Expect Healthy Deer Technology.

The deer in this photo obviously has had recent issues with scours or diarrhea.  The culprit is often bacterial issues with the deers digestive system. The probiotic within Expect Healthy Deer Technology can help address some of these issues resulting in healthier and more productive deer.

There are several deer nutrition companies that may utilize a probiotic, but the question is whether these technologies were developed for deer or another livestock species?  For example, to develop our probiotic technology we have taken isolates from whitetail deer and through a very robust scientific screening process multiple bacillus strains were selected to be used in the final product.  Note that we said multiple strains were selected as we are not taking a one size fits all approach to promote gut health.  Furthermore, the bacillus strains utilized in this new probiotic technology were derived from animals versus simply harvesting from an industrial process.

We are excited about this ground-breaking technology and as a deer farmer and (or) hunter you should be too!    Our new probiotic can be found in all nutrition products with the Expect Healthy Deer Technology® logo.