Don’s Difference Makers… March 2019 March…ing Towards Success

March…ing Towards Success

In sports they say that champions are made in the off-season. I bet that is a very true statement that reflects the idea that fans don’t ever see the years of training that champion athletes go through before they reach the ultimate level. It is the same with deer hunters. The weekend warrior that dusts off his bow a couple of weeks before opening day and makes a last-ditch effort to establish a “no-till” food plot will never achieve consistent success on the kind of bucks most hunters dream of. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity and the harder I work, the luckier I get.

If you haven’t witnessed the incredible drawing power of Real Worlds Generation-2 soybeans, make 2019 the year that you take your plots to the ultimate level!

March is always an extremely busy month for me. I am wrapping up the winter trade show season, finishing my consulting visits to properties across the Midwest and this year I am also hosting a couple of Whitetail Master Courses on my home farm. I know that winter is about over and the woods will soon be turning green once again so every free minute I have is spent on last minute stand placements, habitat projects and looking for shed antlers. This is the season that champions are made.

March is also a good time to finalize your food plot plans for the year and get your seed purchased for your spring-planted plots. The great thing about planting spring plots is that if they fail (and some always do), you can still salvage the plot with a fall-planted blend later in the summer. If you wait until fall to plant your plots and they fail, you are out of luck for that season! It’s a chance you don’t have to take.

A good food plot program includes both “greens” and “grains”. Grain plots such as Real Worlds Generation-2 soybeans must be planted in the spring or early summer to produce a good crop. I typically plant around two-thirds of my plot acreage in these game changing soybeans. They really are THAT GOOD! Having Real World soybeans on your property gives you a leg up on the procrastinators in your area. If you think Real World soybeans are nothing but another ag soybean or if you have fallen for the forage soybean hype, you really should buy a bag of Real World Generation-2 soybeans and plant them right next to the others. You will be glad you did.