Are Your Plots Flooded Out?

We have heard a lot of reports in recent days of customers whose food plots have been flooded due to the heavy rains in various parts of the country. While this is certainly not good news, all hope is not lost for this season. The key is going to be in how and how fast you respond.
Photo Credit John Mulligan

Depending on the severity of the flooding on a plot and how long it was under water, the plot may very well survive, at least to some degree. Having water over a plot for a day or two may kill some plants but some are also likely to survive.

Real World’s Deadly Dozen Blend – Photo Credits – John Ford
For those plots that had total or significant kill of the plants, they can still be recovered for this season. Here is a great way to go about it – Start by using one of these Real World products – Harvest Salad, Forage Oats, Plot Topper or Deadly Dozen.

Do not wait for your plot to dry up and start from scratch but instead get out there as soon as possible and broadcast the seed into the damp or even muddy soil. This will usually give good seed-to-soil contact and allow the seed to quickly germinate and grow. 

Real World’s Whitetail Forage Oats – Photo Credit John Ford
If you have one of the seeders that attaches to a leaf blower, those work fantastic for these situations. Simply walk around the edges and blow the seed right out into the muddy plot.
All successful deer hunters encounter obstacles and set-backs on their way to filled tags. Often Mother Nature is responsible for these set-backs. If you are one of those whose plots are now under water or was recently flooded out, don’t give up. You still have time to salvage those plots and maybe your entire hunting season. What you do today may very well dictate your success this fall.
Good luck From the RWWP Team
Photo Credit – John Mulligan