Food Plot Diversity – Creating Edges – Habitat for ALL Animals

Capitalizing on the Creature of the Edge; Upland Game Blend

Deer are creatures of the edge. This is common knowledge to the average deer hunter. We see whitetails traveling the edges between timber and field, native grasses and food plots, swamps and thickets, etc. So why don’t we take advantage of this behavior within our food plots?

By planting a taller height species next to a shorter blend, we can create our own edges and guide deer to specific points. Real World’s Upland Game Blend is an excellent option for doing exactly that! Within your soybean, clover or fall planted plots use a blend of taller species to strategically guide deer past your stands.

Upland Game Blend is a mixture of sunflowers, grain sorghum, soybeans and millet. If planted into a weed free seed bed with good soils the sunflowers and grain sorghum will easily exceed shoulder height.

By planting blends of different heights next to each other you can guide movement through plots or even pinch down movement to a specific corner of the plot as they enter or exit. Upland Game Blend is an excellent option for creating these edges within your plots.

Upland Game Blend; a conservationist’s choice

In addition to the value of an added edge in your food plot, Upland Game Blend brings species diversity to your food plot program. Plant diversity is key for attraction throughout the entire season. Different species will peak in palatability at different times in the season. At some points in the year wildlife will be more attracted to the soybeans, while in others they may be more focused on the sunflowers or grain sorghum. Offering various high-quality food sources to your whitetails helps meet the nutritional needs of your herd, keeping them on your farm and not out looking for a more palatable food source.

Like the name implies, Upland Game Blend is an excellent draw for many species including quail, pheasants, turkey, woodcock and doves. These species feed on both the grain heads and the seed that falls to the ground.

While there are other blends that Real World promotes as having more drawing power for whitetails, the Upland Game blend wins the award for drawing the most species of wildlife! This blend is excellent for the true conservationist who is concerned with promoting all wildlife on their property. The great Aldo Leopold once said “When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” Consider using your food plot program this year not to just put more game in your freezer but to provide for the wildlife we cherish.

The added structure, provided in one quick growing season, becomes a 5-foot jungle of habitat for an abundance of species to not only eat but find cover.  You will certainly see an influx of song bird and small mammal activity. Be prepared for more sightings of the mesocarnivores that come to these plots to find them. But make no mistake, deer like it too!