"TESTING...We let the deer tell us what seeds to put in our blends"
"Keep your deer alive healthy and productive"
Early and Late Season Food Source

Shatter Resistant
High Grain Yield
High Oil Content
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Food Plot Seed

We offer a full line of proven and tested food plot seed. We have spring planting seed and fall planting seed as well as a line of cover and bedding seed blends for a complete food plot system.

Screening and Bedding Seed

We offer a high quality Miscanthus grass screening and also the best bedding seed varieties.


We offer a high quality mineral unlike any other on the market. It is extremely low in salt, but has the proper ratio of key macro and micro nutrients to help the herd reach their potential.

EHD Nutritional Products

We offer a complete line of nutritional products to help keep your deer alive, healthy and productive. Real World’s exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ is a true game changer.

What Makes Us Different!

Real World Wildlife Products is much different than other food plot seed companies. First and foremost, we are hunters and land managers ourselves.

We were not a seed company that decided to start marketing food plot seed to hunters, instead we are hunters who became frustrated with the food plot products on the market and the marketing tactics of the companies selling them.

Our “business plan” has always been very simple – develop the very best wildlife food plot blends possible and then market them at a fair price while using education, rather than deception, to help our customers get the most from our products. We refuse to use marketing ploys such as cheap filler seeds and excess seed coating to increase our profit margins.

The Dare to Compare Challenge

Real World Wildlife Products is likely the only food plot seed company in business that challenges you to buy a competitor’s similar product and plant it side-by-side next to ours.  There are four key things to compare when using our product vs. a competitor’s.  See the difference for yourself, Dare To Compare!


Real World refuses to use cheap filler seeds.


Real World gives you more seed for less money.


Real World gives you more seed per acre.


Real World seed blends are preferred by wildlife