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REAL WORLD WILDLIFE PRODUCTS gets a lot of requests from hunters about pro-staff positions and from those wanting us to sponsor TV shows and such. We hope it is clear by now that Real World Wildlife Products is striving to be different from other food plot seed companies; our marketing approach is also different. We are looking to use our advertising dollars to form long-lasting relationships, not to simply buy advertising or throw out free seed products to unproven pro-staff members.

We prefer to start small and build a relationship that grows and is mutually beneficial to all parties. We want to spend our advertising dollars with those who really believe they are planting the very best food plot seed available anywhere. The only way that anyone will truly promote any product with their whole heart is if they really believe it is the best product of its kind. So, how can you know Real World Wildlife Products has the best food plot products if you have never used them?

The relationship has to start somewhere and we do not like to invest our money to a group that has never used our products. For this reason we have designed a field-staff pricing program which allows groups and individuals with connections within the hunting industry to try our products at a discounted rate. This program is NOT for everyone; you must list your industry connections on the order form provided. We intend for this program to be the first step in a long-term relationship that grows. You show us what you can do for us with the products you get at the discounted field-staff rate and then we have something to help us decide to take our sponsorship of you to the pro-staff level.

Real Worlds pro-staff is reserved for those who started as field-staff and proved themselves by using that opportunity to help promote Real World Wildlife Products over time in various ways. Pro-staffers get their seed at a bigger discount than field staff as well as other benefits.

If you are sincere in your interest in promoting Real World Wildlife Products, our field-staff pricing program is an opportunity for you to show us that you are serious and not just another in a long line of people wanting free products for nothing. Real World is anxious to build long-lasting relationships with the right people so here is your opportunity to prove that you are one of them.

If you are interested in learning more about our field-staff, please email our Field-Staff Director, Terry Peer at terry@realworldwildlifeproducts.com

Thank you.