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Don Higgins

As a child Don Higgins was fascinated with the outdoors and grew up hunting, fishing and

trapping for everything there was a season for near his central Illinois home. At 16 years old he shot his

first whitetail and on that day his whole world changed. Over the next few years he gave up all other

interests and started focusing on hunting whitetails, soon becoming strictly a bowhunter targeting

mature bucks.

In the early 1990s Don purchased his grandparents small farm and started improving the habitat

with hopes of one day turning it into a prime hunting property. The results have far exceeded his

expectations. He now travels to several states each year doing whitetail habitat and hunting

consultations for landowners to help them turn their properties into the best whitetail hunting lands


Don’s whitetail passion became so intense that more than 20 years ago he acquired a small herd

of captive deer for research purposes. His focus was on whitetail genetics and nutrition. The knowledge

he gained from studying the captive deer helped his hunting success to skyrocket.

In 1996 Don had his first magazine article published in North American Whitetail and in the

years since has had hundreds of articles published in nearly every major hunting magazine. He has also

authored two books on hunting mature whitetail bucks.

These experiences prompted Don to start Real World Wildlife Products with his friend Kevin

Boyer in 2008. Their goal has always been to put out the very best possible products that could stand

side by side with anything on the market and then sell those products at a fair price, educating their

customers along the way. Today Real World has grown into a widely recognized brand in the hunting

industry known for high quality products and top-notch customer service.

Don resides with his wife Robin near Gays, Illinois. They have 2 grown daughters, Andrea

Hamilton and Aliesha Higgins, son-in- law Kory Hamilton and 2 grandsons, Wyatt and Walker.