Living in Fear. A Day As A Whitetail. by: Terry Peer

Living in Fear? Can you imagine what it is like to live every minute of your life as nervous as a whitetail deer?   The cover photo of this blog says a lot.  While a couple deer have their head down, other deer are on the watch. The 2020 cell camera test has given me the […]

“Persistent” by Wes Delks

Persistent There’s a story in the Bible of a persistent widow. Luke 18:1-8 18 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 2 He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. 3 And there was a widow in that […]

Timing of Planting is Critical to Foodplot Success by Don Higgins

After 12 years of operating Real World Wildlife Products there is a continuing trend that is bothersome to me personally. It is a habit amongst many food-plotters that we have tried to address through education but it continues to happen on a fairly regular basis. I am talking about the habit of planting various seed […]


Understanding Soybean Browse Pressure It is that time of year when most serious land managers have their foodplots planted and are anxiously keeping an eye on them as those precious seeds they planted slowly turn into vibrant plants that will provide the wildlife on our properties with good nutritious food sources. A lot of things […]


Many times, land managers rush to get their food plots in based on the calendar.   We have heard time after time, people thinking they have to get their plot in by a certain day.   The point of this blog is to help remind people that the planting date is just a guideline. Read the season! […]

Waters of Life – Blog By Wes Delks

In many parts of the whitetail’s range you can find deer where you can find water. On a DIY hunt a couple years ago in North Dakota, it was simply pointless to hunt whitetails unless you were close to the river. The creeks, rivers and streams create a network of habitat that give life to […]

Native Grass – Patience! Patience! Patience!

It happens every year about this time; the phones start ringing with customers wondering why the switchgrass, Bedding-in-a-Bag or now Real World Giant Miscanthus they planted has not yet sprouted. With more and more people diving into using Native Grass as bedding cover, they get worried when they do not see the same time line […]

Understanding Weed Management

We do not want your soybean plot to look like this! Almost every day, we are contacted and asked to recommend a herbicide or fertilizer.   What everyone has to remember is that different areas of the country have different challenges and different products available.   A relationship with your local farm store, ag chemical company, or […]

Real World – A “Hybrid” Company – Written By: Don Higgins

If you have paid much attention to Real World Wildlife Products you likely recognize that they are different than other companies supplying food plot seed, mineral and other such products to the hunting industry. Personally, I have always thought of Real World as a “hybrid” company which helps explain what makes them different. Maybe I […]

Understanding Seed Coating by Don Higgins

Real World Wildlife Products is proud of the fact that we started and built this company using education as a marketing tool. When a consumer is educated about what to look for in a particular product they can quickly and easily pick out a quality product from one that is simply in a fancy package […]