Understanding Expect Healthy Deer Technology® and the EHD Virus:

Recent Quote from Don Higgins Facebook Live Q&A:

“Real World Wildlife Products commissioned a study at the University of Minnesota with one of the leading virologists in the country.  That virologist proved in his trial that two of the ingredients in “Expect Healthy Deer Technology® absolutely killed the live EHD virus within two hours of exposure.   What that means to the deer hunter, we are not 100% sure yet.  We do know that this is just part of ongoing testing that has been going on for over 3 years now.    Most of the testing has been done in captive deer.   Last year for example, we tested the “Expect Healthy Deer Technology®” in 10 different states and over 1,000 animals.   This year you can multiply that by ten.  We have 10,000 captive animals from Texas all the way across the south to Florida and through the Midwest on this product.  In previous years testing, it has been 100% successful in preventing EHD.   NOW WE DO NOT CLAIM TO HAVE THE CURE FOR EHD, and we absolutely know it is not going to stay at 100% success.  There are too many variables.   But what we are going to do as a company is share these results of what we learn from these tests with everyone.  We are not trying to hide anything from anyone.  I am not an expert on EHD, we are not experts on Viruses.  We (Real World Wildlife Products) have contact with the folks that are.   We (Real World Wildlife Products) have professional livestock nutritionists on staff.  We have one of the top whitetail veterinarians in the world, Dr. Clifford Shipley at the University of Illinois on our staff.   We are deer hunters trying to make a difference and save deer.”  Don Higgins – Co-Owner, Real World Wildlife Products 8-29-2017  (Click Here)  to Listen to the full audio on a Facebook live video)

Back in late June the whitetail hunting world was stunned to learn a small company had put this much research into this testing and furthermore, had the success with laboratory trial with a product that is highly palatable to deer.   To Real World, this is standard practice.  No one in the food plot seed industry has put the amount of research into their products as we have.   This is standard procedure and simply just the way we do things.   We could have brought Expect Healthy Deer Technology® to market sooner, but we waited until we knew we were making a difference in herd health through research and trials with live animals.

As a company, our goals have never been centered on profit margins, large company politics and image, or shareholder dividends.   We are not influenced by large retailer’s profit margin demands to dilute our product with fillers or additives that do not add value.   We have always been real world deer hunters and land managers.  We have always been focused on helping the deer on our own lands as well as our customers!   In this case, we are all about trying to do everything we can to  improve the health and production of deer as well as save as many of them as possible from disease.

Shortly after learning the results of the university trial in late June, both the hunting industry and the livestock feed industry took notice. Real World has been contacted by 2 of the world’s largest and most respected feed manufacturers regarding using Expect Healthy Deer Technology® in their deer feed products. Reaction from the hunting industry took a different tone however as some competing companies and their spokespeople have tried to discredit Real World Wildlife Products, Expect Healthy Deer Technology® and the University of Minnesota test results.

When someone makes strides to do something revolutionary in any industry, others will take shots and try to discredit them.   Most of the time attacks will come with vague comments and no research data.   This isn’t our style.   We are just going to keep showing other deer farmers, land managers, and hunters our research.  We will continue to pursue this line of product with continuous research because we 100% believe that we can save some deer from fatal illnesses.   Ask yourself one simple question; why would the world’s leading feed manufacturers be jumping on board if this research did not have merit?

There are currently trials of Expect Healthy Deer Technology® taking place in captive deer herds in about a dozen states.  A concerted effort to find herds with a history of EHD issues was made for this trial. Details of these tests will be made available after EHD season and once data can be collected, reviewed and organized.


Expect Healthy Deer Technology® is much more than just a way to help combat EHD. There are numerous benefits which help to keep deer healthy and productive. Here are some of them –

Enhances the immune system –This helps deer stay healthy from other disease and health risks.

*Optimizes digestion via improved rumen and gut health –This allows deer to better absorb and utilize nutrients ingested through feeding.

*Enhances antler growth –This happens through several ways. To start a healthier animal is a more productive animal. A buck that has an enhanced immune system and proper digestive health is better able to convert the nutrients it consumes into antler. Also the vasodilatation properties increase blood flow and thus nutrient delivery to growing antlers.

*Aids in reducing biting insects –Insects not only pose a variety of disease and health issues but they also cause an animal discomfort and make them less productive.

*Mitigates heat stress –The vasodilatation properties caused by the consumption of Expect Healthy Deer Technology® helps an animal dissipate heat and remain more comfortable and thus productive.

*Promotes feed intake –Expect Healthy Deer Technology® contains appetite stimulants to encourage an animal to consume more feed. With a well-tuned digestive system, the animal is then able to covert those nutrients to body maintenance and growth, fawn production, milk for nursing fawns and antler growth.

*Improves reproductive performance –An animal with a well-tuned digestive system and immune system is better equipped to breed on time, have more fawns and better care for those fawns through increased milk supply. The resulting bigger and healthier fawns are then better positioned to survive and become larger, healthier and more productive adults.

If you as a consumer must decide  which product to purchase when the costs are comparable, here is something to ask yourself –   What do you have to lose by choosing the product that has proven to kill the EHD virus in a lab and still be something very palatable that deer will consume?    Expect Healthy Deer Technology® is the only product line that can show you those results.

Reports of EHD outbreaks are currently coming out of various states and as we further into August and September these reports will become more widespread and common.  You must decide if you are going to use every tool available to keep your herd as healthy as possible.

Real World Wildlife Products will share results and data from trials involving our Expect Healthy Deer Technology® with the public. Our goal is to be as honest and forthcoming as possible as we move into new territory when it comes to combating death losses in whitetails due to Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease.  The summary of the University of Minnesota trial can be found on our website by (Clicking Here)

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